Paul Reimert

the sum of shards

Artist Statement

The origin of my work is the repurposing and transformation of common functional ceramic and kitsch figurines. Prefabicated objects are appropriated, lifted from their context and transformed into naturalistic bodies and figures, poetic sculptures for open space, abstract or modeled on plants.

My material consists of vases, tableware, kitschy figurines, thousandfold industrial produced objects which circle around the globe, caught in dynamics of segregated manufacturing and stratified attentions , exemplifying replaceability, unmindful treatment and sheer waste. Its appeal is released and concentrated by dissection, reassembly, recontextualization. When it passes through my hands it becomes a body and the result is an artisanal unicum.

Unlike common mosaic techniques, varying volumes and curves of existing forms are combined, lines are extended to contribute to the body of consistently procreating fragments. Rhythms of colour and shape pervade the whole. Myriads of branching off trajectories of style and production make the sculpture the source of seemingly endless proceedings